Washington State CCIM Chapter

The Washington State CCIM Chapter is a privately incorporated chapter of the CCIM Institute. The chapter is one in a network of more than 50 chapters across the United States dedicated to improving benefits to CCIM members and increasing their involvement in the CCIM Institute.

The Washington State CCIM Chapter encompasses the State of Washington as well as Northern Idaho and has nearly 200 members from various real estate and real estate-related firms. Our chapter provides its members with the best in networking opportunities, designation promotion, candidacy guidance, and educational opportunities.

Chapter Mission Statement

We equip the best minds in commercial real estate with knowledge, skills and professionalism.

It is the Mission of the Washington State CCIM Chapter to create a high level of value for its members so that it becomes “essential” for commercial real estate professionals to belong to the chapter. This is accomplished by:

  • Providing and promoting the core CI courses and by fostering a curriculum consisting of the highest quality commercial real estate education and continuing education available.
  • Providing and promoting training in the use of essential tools and skills, such as the Site-To-Do-Business website, that enhances each member’s ability to compete in today’s real estate marketplace.
  • Providing and promoting networking sessions and luncheons focused on networking that generates deal-making opportunities for our members.
  • Providing and promoting a membership culture that adheres to the highest degree of professionalism, ethics, and standards.

Everything we do at the Washington State CCIM Chapter reflects our mission. Through accomplishment of our four primary goals, our ultimate purpose is to elevate the CCIM designation to a recognized benchmark of excellence within the real estate community.

Washington State CCIM Chapter Bylaws

Download a copy of our Chapter Bylaws here.

CCIM Institute

An affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, the CCIM Institute has been a recognized global leader in professional education for more than 30 years. CCIM membership includes: brokers, agents, corporate real estate officers, REIT investment executives, pension fund managers, developers, asset managers, investment counselors, appraisers, property managers, mortgage bankers, attorneys, accountants, and others in allied fields.