Candidate Guidance

  • Assist or guide CCIM candidates through the entire candidacy process
  • Explain the procedures of becoming a candidate, assist candidates on obtaining the CCIM designation, sponsor portfolio writing seminars, familiarize candidates with the comprehensive exam, etc.
Michael Armanious, CCIM
(253) 988-6115


  • Encourage people of color and from varying cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities to join the commercial real estate industry
  • Provide guidance in the CRE field and direction for scholarships offered by the CCIM Institute
Lydia Bennett, CCIM
(360) 224-6600


  • Provide relevant and topical premier educational opportunities at the best price and frequency possible to the membership and real estate community.
  • Raise the education level of the the commercial real estate practitioners thereby increasing their value to their clients and their community.
  • Strive to increase the participation of the universities and colleges in the region.
  • Work to interact with students to introduce the CCIM program and explain the benefits and the prestige of the designation within the commercial real estate industry.
Craig Steinlicht, CCIM
(206) 780-6000


  • Monitor proposed legislation and rules and regulations being promulgated by local, county, state and federal governments, boards and commissions that impact the real estate industry and report critical issues to membership.
  • Support CCIM’s agenda within colleague organizations.
  • Expose areas of need within CCIM and evaluate potential of members to contribute.
Chad Gleason, CCIM
(253) 981-4098


  • Engage in recruitment and retention activities to grow the number of members of the local chapter.
  • Maintain the local chapter roster of active members.
Kelly Richardson, CCIM
(425) 395-9580


  • Develop networking themes such as “Why I am a CCIM?”.
  • Identify venues that promote participation and relationships that advance CCIM-WA members.
    • Coordinate promotion of networking events to appropriate attendees.
    Gary Hunter, CCIM
    (206) 505-9427

    Portfolio Guidance

    • Assist with questions relating to preparing portfolio documents for submittal to the Institute
    Michael Armanious, CCIM
    (253) 988-6115


    • Promote the scholarship programs of the Institute, chapter and districts.
    • Coordinate the application process and educate the districts as to how the Institute and
      chapter scholarship programs work.
    • Solicit, select and award scholarship winners for the chapter each year.
    • Gather, review, analyze and judge each applicant’s submission.
    • Ensure all scholarships each year are awarded to qualified recipients and that the scholarships are use.
    Lydia Bennett, CCIM
    (360) 224-6600


    • Seek out and develop financial partner relationships designated as sponsors that seek a medium for developing business relationships.
    • Ensure that those sponsors receive sufficient recognition and opportunity to network with the membership at all state meetings.
    Derek Doke, CCIM
    (425) 889-1100