As a Family Office Strategist, I assist family offices and their advisors with strategizing, implementing, and monitoring a commercial real estate strategy.  My focus is on assisting with disposition of current holdings and providing clients with avenues for capital sources for additional real estate ventures or other investment vehicles to meet the objectives set by the family office to provide an exceptional rate of return on investments.
I have a proven track record of catapulting sales and revenues by leveraging a broad range of skills and knowledge across commercial real estate, financial services, technology, and other industries to augment market position and presence. My understanding of finance, P & L ownership, accounting practices, and real estate tax law allows me to devise an overall strategy for family offices to build, manage, and preserve their wealth. My recommendations are driven solely by my clients’ needs and objectives, not by commissions or quotas.
I am seeking investment opportunities and welcome the chance to discuss how I might help to strategize the real estate investment challenges of the family office, working in tandem with a team of wealth managers, CPAs, attorneys, and bankers that service these offices.